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Move loved ones from sympathy to empathy, when and where it matters most

It's quick and easy to create your private CareCommunity, enhancing outlook and peace of mind no matter what's happening

Foster whole healing by enabling loved ones to go beyond non-stop well-wishes, updates and messages of concern

It's free and we never ask for donations



During & after a NICU stay

Impending loss

Substance recovery

Celebrating a life lost

Prolonged recovery


Behavioral issue

Wellness challenge

Furry loved ones

Elderly member

Enable friends to go beyond well-wishes & continually asking how they can help...

  • Private blog for healing dialogues

  • Social Storytelling in member's own voices & photos

  • Enable loved ones to give of their energy, love & time

  • Replace sympathy with empathy

  • Get everybody up-to-speed with world-class health videos

  • Share & re-live warm memories

  • Foster love & community

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